ZAC4 – Program

The conference will take place at the Large Seminar Room in F6 and is accessible via zoom


Session Program Area 4: Knowledge Systems and Ecosystem Design

Chairs: Marie Fujitani & Hauke Reuter

9:00 KATRINA – Kalimantan Aquaculture and Integrated Mangrove Rehabilitation

Karl Schrader

09:15 The politics of knowledge use in wastewater management – a systematic literature review

Roald Leeuwerik

09:30 Understanding stakeholders’ perceptions of tourism-generated wastewater in San Andres, Colombia

Connie Kwong

09:45 A Sea of Connections – Valuing Reef Passages in the South Pacific Region

Annette Breckwoldt

10:00 When our small world models meet the wickedness of the world

Fridolin Haag

10:15-10:45              Coffee Break (please bring your own cup)  30 min
Session Creative Practice: A tool in coastal and ocean sustainability research?

Chairs: Marion Glaser & Annette Breckwoldt

10:45 Evaluation of a creative practice intervention in Brazil

Lena Knopp

Creative Practice
11:00 First experiences with, and lessons for Creative Practice Interventions in Ocean sustainability research

Marion Glaser

 11:15 ‘‘Draw the sea…’’: Children’s representations of ocean connectivity in Fiji and New Caledonia

Elodie Fache

Session Program Area 3: Coastal Development and Hinterland Dynamics

Chairs: Tim Jennerjahn & Jewel Das

11:30 Inventorizing dense mangrove forest canopies using instance and semantic segmentation networks on UAV imagery

Daniel Schürholz

Workshop: The societal impact of ZMT’s work

Chairs: Sebastian Ferse, Achim Schlüter & Rebecca Lahl

11:45 – 12:45 Workshop
12:45 – 13:45              Lunch Break at the Poster exhibition 60min
Please bring your own lunch so you can easily combine eating, chatting with colleagues and preview posters
Session Program Area 1: Towards sustainability in managing aquatic resources: Multiple management approaches for complex social-ecological systems

Chairs: Rifki Furqan, Hudu Banikoi & Michael Kriegl

13:45 Integrated Monitoring of Fish Abundance using Combined Tools (IMFACT) & Managing sustainable sea URchin fishery and marine FORest conservation (MUrFor)

Giovanni Romagnoni

14:00 Enzymatic capacity of copepod Apocyclops panamensis to biosynthesis of PUFA

Sofia Afoncheva

14:15 Mapping stakeholders and their discourses using Social Network Analysis and Q methodology: An investigation of sea turtle management in Sri Lanka

Maheshwaran Govender

14:30 Spatio-temporal diversity in German brown shrimp fishery

Serra Örey

14:45 Current trends and suggested future directions in coral transplantation for reef restoration

Sebastian Ferse          

15:00-15:30          Coffee Break (please bring your own cup)  30 min
Session Blue Carbon

Chairs: Tim Rixen & Martin Zimmer

15:30 Coastal carbon sinks – more than just ‘Blue Carbon’

Tim Jennerjahn

Blue Carbon
15:45 Past changes in and present status of the coastal carbon cycle

Tim Rixen

Session Program Area 2: Global Change Impacts and Social-ecological Responses

Chairs: Subhendu Chakraborty & Nicolas Da Silva

16:00 A global dataset of coastal permeability and other attributes

Nils Moosdorf

Session Program Area 5: Ocean literacy, ocean equity and blue leadership

Chairs: Rebecca Lahl & Achim Meyer

16:15 Participatory monitoring, assessment and visualization of climate change vulnerability in coastal wetlands of Peru for decision-making in ecosystem-based adaptation

Hanlie Malherbe

16:30 Capacity building in biodiversity research by ZMT

Achim Meyer

16:45 Transforming co-design science for practice: lessons learned from a training course on Co-design for the Ocean Decade

Jialin Zhang





Poster Session

Foyer Fahrenheitstrasse 6

17:00 – 18:00 Cretus Mtonga:           Application of the environmental DNA (eDNA) technique in monitoring of Tanzanian fishes

Khishma Modoosoodun Nicolas:        Scalable analysis of shallow coral reef habitats using Artificial Intelligence

Pradipta Das  Using oxygen measurements as a tool to study photo-physiological capacities in endosymbiotic jellyfish (Cassiopea andromeda)

Aaron Cordes: Integration of Babylonia areolata into existing tidal ponds for the cultivation of Caulerpa lentillifera

Beatrice Brix da Costa:          Potential to integrate the economically important gastropod Babylonia areolata in pond cultures of Caulerpa lentillifera

Rima Beesoo:  Jellyfish Cassiopea andromeda: A treasure trove of pharmacologically active compounds

Munawar Khalil:         Physiological effects of combined ocean acidification and warming on asterinid starfish

Sara Nazari:    Global groundwater recharge assessment over the last two decades

Juan Molina:   Thermal resilience of Halobatrachus didactylus

Jan Härter: Precipitation resonance for an idealized model ITCZ

Aitana Gea Neuhaus:  Do seabird-derived nutrient subsidies influence the composition of reef-derived carbonate sediments in the Chagos Archipelago?

Nancy A. Oduor:         Anthropogenic nutrients and phytoplankton diversity metrics to assess coastal water quality in Kenya

PA 2
18:00  End of ZAC4  



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