Schedule for the 16th January 2024


fifth ZMT Annual Conference


Below only presenter names are given, the full list of authors is available at the abstracts pages

9:00  Opening at the Large Seminar Room F6

Raimund Bleischwitz

9:15  – 10:15

Land-ocean fluxes and transformation

    • 9:15 Engaging children’s voices in decision-making for tourism management through drawings in Indonesia
      Connie Kwong
    • 9:30 ‘Blue Carbon’ projects on the voluntary carbon market as a tool in climate change mitigation
      Tim Jennerjahn
    • 9:45 Legal analysis to shed light on power relationships in wastewater management – motivation and approach
      Roald Leeuwerik
    • 10:00 Effect of wastewater on the functional structure of reef-fish assemblages: a systematic review and meta-analysis
      Ramón Alejandro Plazas Gómez

PA3 Abstracts

10:15 – 10:30 Break


10:30 – 11:30

Coastal resources and sustainable blue economy

    • 10:30 Four years of sea grape research: synopsis and outlook
      Lara E. Stuthmann
    • 10:45 Deep dive into coral habitat mapping: A comparative evaluation of manual annotation and automated segmentation techniques
      Khishma Modoosoodun

    • 11:00 Navigating Coastal Fisheries Dynamics in Peru: An Integrated Approach using Social-Ecological Network Analysis and Participatory Modelling
      Michael Kriegl

    • 11:15 How Bangladesh Blue Economy Stakeholders percept blue governance?
      Jewel Das

PA1 Abstracts

11:30 – 12:30


    • 11:30 – 12:00 PA2
    • 12:00 – 12:30 PA3

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch Break (Soup is offered at the F6 Foyer)


13:30 – 14:45

Ecosystem co-design for a sustainable Anthropocene

    • 13:30 Spatial distribution of heavy metals in sediments of an electronic waste site in Ghana
      Nils Moosdorf (representing Paul K. Botwe)

PA4 Abstracts

Global change: impacts and adaptation

    • 13:45 Effects of climate change on reef communities, carbonate production and sediment systems in the remote Chagos Archipelago
      Marleen Stuhr

    • 14:00 Unlocking the mysteries of UCYN-A nitrogen fixation
      Subhendu Chakraborty
    • 14:15 Actual and Perceived Opinion Polarisation in the German Climate Change Debate
      Peter Steiglechner
    • 14:30 A model prototype for investigating violent conflict in connection to resource scarcity
      Ago Merico

PA2 Abstracts

14:45  – 15:45


Cake is offered at the F6 Foyer


15:45 – 16:45

Ocean literacy, ocean equity and blue leadership

    • 15:45 Co-Developing an Information Management Strategy for the Western Indian Ocean Region with GIZ and regional partners
      Hauke Kegler
    • 16:00 With Kobo on Sylt and Qfield on Beqa – App data collection in Germany and Fiji
      Alexandra Nozik
    • 16:15 Strengthening Biodiversity Monitoring in the Global South: Training and Workshops for onsite third generation sequencing (video recording)
      Achim Meyer
    • 16:30 Reef passages: outliers of submerged connectivity towards achieving SDG14
      Annette Breckwoldt cancelled

PA5 Abstracts

16:45 – 17:30 Mingle, chat and drink water, tea or beer between the posters


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